The Budapest House
Marcus Ferrar

The Budapest House
A Life Re-Discovered 

Crux Publishing, London, 2013

“Marcus Ferrar takes us on a poignant but unsentimental journey through
Hungary's darkest hours and their aftermath – one that still resonates
through the decades. Ferrar masterfully recounts moving personal stories
against their wider historical backdrop and vividly evokes Budapest's
haunted past.”

Adam LeBor, correspondent at
The Economist
and author of The Budapest Protocol

A Hungarian traumatised by the loss of half her family in Auschwitz returns to Budapest to retrace her roots. She discovers a dramatic personal history that enables her eventually to shed the burden of her past and move forward to a new life.
This is a true story of human beings caught up in the maelstrom of 20th century history – Nazis genocide, Cold War, dictatorship, and the aftermath of Communism.
Told with great sympathy and warmth, this extensively researched book brings history to life by recounting the experiences of ordinary men and women confronted with daunting challenges.

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